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Export Declearation

TSS platform provides not only logistics services but also customs declaration and inspection services (documents making, computer pre - entry, customs & inspection declaration, transit and other related services, and advisory services of declaration). Relying on extensive experience of customs declaration, and solid relationship with Chinese customs, TSS is dedicated to providing high level quality services for each customer by following our accurate, fast, efficient, and cost saving management principles.

Export declaration process:

I, the export declaration enterprises should not only have the registration records of local customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, but also have the right to engage in import and export trade and have the certificate of self-inspection.

II, the export declaration documents required:

1. Customers should prepare all customs documents required to declare to the Customs when the goods arrived in the customs supervision area 24 hours before loading.

2. Essential documents: packing list, invoice, contract, verification sheet, Customs Powers of Attorney, packing list of shipping companies etc, all of which are required for one copy.

3. Various certificates required by Customs according to customs tariff description. (Such as certificate of customs clearance, export licenses, etc.)

4. Manual declaration are required for manual export .

III, the export inspection documents required:

1. Customers should prepare all the documents and declare to Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 3 days before declaration date. Required documents are: packing list, invoice, contract, authorization letter for inspection request, factory inspection report, carton package list, etc, all of which are required for one copy..

2. The package need wooden fumigation or heat treatment when exported goods to the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union etc. Customer should provide these documents: packing list, invoice, contract, Customs Powers of Attorney. Factory inspection report needs to be provided if the fumigation products are wooden products.

3. Customers should delivery the goods to the designated yard or port for fumigation 2 days before declaration. (Fumigation takes 24 hours)

IV, should have formal declaration to the customs. If the export is subject to tax, the tax shall be paid in time.

V, customs finish the examining at site. The owner should deliver the goods to customs supervision area specified by the Customs for clearance after releasing of the documents. For inspection, The customs broker should promptly contact with the customs for cargo examining, after that, they should put the closure of the seal inspection by the designated seal of shipping company. Those goods which need no examining should be released in time, and the shipping order should be delivered to port before the closing date in order to lade on board.

VI, shipping companies will transmit the export data to the Customs after delivering the goods, The customs will print the Tax write - off in time after they received that date for customs clearance.

VII, export customs clearance is finished. Customers need to pay the declaration agency fees in time.